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People at Abak

If single seed can reap the heap of grains,
imagine the fistful seeds we have!

The strength of every organization can be widely attributed with the people working for that organization. Abak Infotech believes in forming a strong team of individuals who can work together in a productive manner.

People at Abak dine with challenges, breath innovation and dream reality. Stringent training and induction is done to make sure each and every team member performs to his best of abilities and contributes greater value and substance to the team and his firm's success.

The team is equally divided with creative and development squad, layered with specialization and competency. As Abak is patriotic to User Centered Design UCD Concept, equal weightage is given to design and development.

We make sure all teams are accumulated into each other and compliment common goal

Each team member brings with him a unique quality in the Organization. Currently our team comprises of :

  • Game Testers
  • Web Designers
  • Web programmers
  • Desktop Application Programmers
  • Online Researchers
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Analyst

Their commitment needs no questioning as they are triggered by their own passion to their work.

All the great efforts need a focused guidance of experience and maturity. Thus, our young turfs are rightly and effectively nurtured making them capable of justifying the trust laid by our customers.

It is the individual talents of each person at Abak Infotech that give our clients the best quality products and services.