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UX & Usability Services

As we know scientific value of Design and Experience really matters the fate of an application, this service is a vital and must to have activity in any Development. Major distinction factors of your applications are no longer how functionally rich application is, instead how accessible and ease – of – use brings all the greatness to the efforts. Usability value makes sure your application is communicating, driving, pursuing and scientifically add value to the user's goal. Today all leading IT industry and Software Product Companies are very well conversant with the benefits of UX and Usability Offerings. UX and Usability practice into our organization weighed no different from our Development Process. Equal and Prominent focus on of these practice and mind set of UCD (User Centered Design) concept helps us define, iterate and improvise any given applications whether it is targeted to external customer or internal.

Abak team owns CUA and Usability experts who get into conscious efforts and research user behavior on various parameters such as geography, behavioral pattern, perception and inheritance. Rigorous documentation and analysis helps to conclude good's and bad's as well best practices assuring maximum margin of success.

Admiring User Experience is our Objective

Abak Infotech based in Navi Mumbai, India creates simple, elegant websites your customers will love using.

At Abak Infotech, our web design experts balance your business objectives and technical requirements with the end user's needs, wants, limitations and motivations. We do this by practicing user-centered design, a collection of practices that focuses on the end-user perceptions of a product or service, as well as by promoting usability testing during the product development lifecycle. Creating a good user experience saves companies money and increases revenues.

Good business is a great user experience.

While we work with a variety of clients (everyone deserves a great experience!), we work most frequently with:

  • Complex e-Commerce systems - including booking engines or product configurators etc.
  • Electronic Healthcare Records - in particular, creating great user experiences with EHRs to hasten adoption by medical personnel
  • Software-as-a-Service - product programming/development, as well as branding and marketing
  • Training and continuing education - especially delivering professional development online
  • Financial services & banking - we got our start in the financial services industry, and we're experts at working with complex financial data sets and portals, while creating great experiences for customers (and traders!)

Typical ways we create great experiences might include…

  • Most often, we start with a website evaluation that investigates specific issues and provides strategic guidance as an outcome
  • Conduct usability testing on a website that isn't working just right
  • Automate a manual process
  • Provide new user interface designs for a development team
  • Design and develop a web portal that improves communication between team members on different continents
  • Evaluate your website versus your competitors
  • Develop a customer portal for identifying and procuring software-as-a-service applications
  • Create personas to ensure your latest solution meets the needs and motivations of its target audience
  • Produce a video that demonstrates your product
  • Redesign an existing website
  • Recruit user experience contractors for a short-term project.


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