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OSCommerce Customization

OSCommerce Web Design and Development Services

OSCommerce is a full-functioned open source shopping cart that can be customized to fit your business needs. The first objective that most customers look for is the ability to add a customized design template that reflects their company brand. OSCommerce makes this easy to do. Some customers start out using the basic OSCommerce installation and soon realize that they would like to add some additional features. With the support of an active developer community, it's possible to find additional features that can be added to most versions of OSCommerce.

In some cases, we have located contributions that exactly match the client's needs, successfully installed and test them. For some clients we located contributions that were close to what they needed, but not exact. In these cases we've modified the contribution to better fit what the client's wants.

Another situation that arises is where a client needs a complete custom feature. We have developed a variety of complete customized e-commerce experiences while retaining the OSCommerce structure.

How can OSCommerce be customized?

  • Complete custom design of the look and feel to your standards
  • Installation of additional modules for shopping features, payment options and shipping options
  • Integration with third party software such as QuickBooks
  • SEO modifications, for better search engine performance
  • Redesign of Products Details Page to encourage purchases and increase conversion rates
  • Integration with third party Email Marketing companies such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact
  • Integration with CRM tools such as Batch Book and High Rise
  • Accounting and Invoice automation - export to QuickBooks or integrate with online invoicing tools like Freshbooks
  • Custom Reporting – product trends, customer trends, customer database marketing

Abak Infotech, in Navi Mumbai India provide OSCommerce customization solutions which allow OSCommerce website owners an opportunity to customize their website in a way that's innovatively unique to their likes and requirements.

Our wed design and software development company offers a wide range of OSCommerce customization solutions comprising:

  • Design and layout
  • Customization for SEO purposes
  • Admin and catalog area customization
  • Contribution design integration

Apart from the customization of our own website, we have undertaken numerous customization projects comprising:

  • Graphics creation and modification
  • Categories jump menu
  • Product info page customization
  • Create account and checkout page customization
  • Displaying image alt tags based upon page

To inquire how our OSCommerce designing team can assist you with your customization requirements, you can request for a quote.


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