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Business Website / Portal Maintenance

All software systems require catering to the newer requirements that creep up with passing time. Systems also require regular support personnel involvement to help the system continue functioning flawlessly. When it comes to system support and maintenance most of our global clientele rely on us – not only because as developers of the system we understand the system better, but also for faster response time, experience and lower maintenance costs. Abak Infotech, based in Navi Mumbai, India's support services can be grouped into the following categories:

Preventive Support:

Under this support scheme we provide support to ensure flawless performance of the system. Preventive support includes bug fixes, minor modifications and back-up services. This is a time span based service with a minimum tenure of One year.

System Improvement Support:

We address system enhancements and major modifications under this scheme. Most of our clients use this scheme for enhancements and incorporating business logic changes in their existing system. This is an activity based support scheme where the price is dependent on the complexity of the enhancement activities to be performed.

System Performance Support:

Under this scheme we analyze existing systems and locate the system bottlenecks that are hampering system performance and carry out procedures to eliminate them. This is also an activity based support scheme.
Though most of our services come with a limited period Free of cost bug fixing support, most clients prefer to choose the Abak Infotech team as their Preventive support and improvement support provider. The System Performance support is mostly for customers who had their existing system developed by other providers and are experiencing performance issues.


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